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Top 10 Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

1. Trim the Shrubs

Anytime you can do it without a winter coat on is a good time to trim the shrubs to keep them looking fresh and out of the gutters. This time is ideal because the clippings can go out with the other yard waste and leaves.

2. Clean the Gutters

Nothing worse than gutters that are clogged and frozen leaving you at the mercy of a possible ice dam or huge icicles. Both are daunting propositions because of their potential for damage. Fortunately, gutter cleaning's only downside is it's dirty. Simple to do yourself and usually inexpensive unless you waited until after it snowed.

3. Fertilize the Lawn

This one didn't cross our mind either but its a thing. Fairly popular fall maintenance recommendation that really pays off the following spring.

4. Check the Roof

Easiest thing to do on the list, maybe. Just look for missing shingles and holes. If you really want to go the extra mile get in the attic and look for water streaking. The other side of the coin is that these repairs are typically more difficult to complete because of height or slope.

5. Weather Stripping

The stuff that keeps the air out from around the doors and windows wears out?! Sure does. Good news that most of the time its pretty DIY to replace. Best way to tell if it is done for is drafts but to be proactive run your finger across it and feel for cracking.

6. Gaps and Cracks

Guess who likes to be just as warm as you during the winter... Rodents and pests! Gaps and cracks in the siding, soffet, foundations, walks and drives all need to be filled to keep the intruders out.

7. Drain the Faucets / Sprinklers

This one is usually so inexpensive that it should just be left to a pro as far as the sprinkler system is concerned. The faucets are fairly straight forward to shut them off inside the house, screw a vacuum breaker on and cover it for the season.

8. Check Outdoor Lighting

Wanted to shed some light on this issue. Haha. Do they work? Where are they located? Do they need to be removed before the plows and shovels become unsheathed?

9. Inspect your Deck

Says the deck building and maintenance company. This is more for the raised deck folks but you can do this for on grade decks too. Look for rusted bolts and fasteners. Is everything on the underside nice and square still? Are the deck boards sagging between the joists or arcing up high? Deck collapse are serious business even if there are no injuries.

10. Run the Snowblower

Just turn it on and get the juices flowing. There are manufacturer recommendations as to routine maintenance so follow them. Just make sure to read those instructions before your looking up the troubleshooting steps.

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