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Up in the Gutter

The clean you gutters "How To Guide"

Step 1: Hire Someone.

Step 2: Grab a cold drink from the fridge.

Step 3: Pay promptly.

All jokes aside you can clean your own gutters fairly easy if you don't mind getting a little dirty. Here are a few different ways you can accomplish the task in a couple hours. The tools are basic if you even use any at all.

1. Ladder only.

Just climb on up there and scoop them out by hand and toss the dirty down on the lawn or in the flower bed. This is not recommended unless you just have dry leaves. If there is mud and sludge up there it will look awful just littering on the lawn. Try option two.

2. Ladder and bucket.

Same as option one but you put the waste in a bucket, five gallon is ideal for this task. Anything bigger its awkward, and smaller on the other hand will probably fill up faster than you would like in many cases.

3. Ladder, bucket and scoop.

Now we are making the job real easy for them extremely full gutters by adding the scoop. Don't worry about running to the local hardware store to get some special gutter scoop because a dollar spatula kills this project. If you don't have mud filled gutters skip to option four.

4. Ladder, bucket, scoop and hose.

You'll do all the prior mentioned and before cleaning yourself up you will put the gloss on the gutters by rinsing them. Shooting the hose from the end of the gutter towards the downspout.

Can I use a pressure washer?

You could but why? The garden hose will rinse the gutters just fine because you already scooped them out. In most cases it is a waste of time to bring in the heavy artillery at this point.

Some "pros" will do what we like to call option 1.5 which is climb the ladder with the pressure washer wand and "blow the gutters out." It gets the mess all over the roof and house, not to mention if they are sloppy, forces the water up behind the flashing that has a purpose of keeping the water out. Just make sure it doesn't look like a dirt tornado stormed through before you pick up the bill.

I found a gutter vacuum on Amazon!

That's great! ...for the light sands of the Amazon Desert if they are in your gutter. Not saying that it won't work, but you would need a super powerful vacuum (not included), according to science, to pull the clogs or you will be on the ladder anyways. Even the professional kits that include the super powerful vacuum many times struggle.

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